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10mm SOP
10mm SOP New
10mm SOP
Damage 200-250
Per clip 2000-2500
Ammunition 10
Reload time 1s
Shot interval 0.3s
Accuracy 36%
Cost to buy Coins 9900 Cash 20
Cost to sell Coins 4950 Cash 10
Need skills
Accuracy 0
Strength 1
Explosions 0

The 10mm SOP is a pistol, and is the strongest in the game.

Should I buy this Weapon?Edit

Low levels will sometimes say that the 10mm SOP is overpowered due to its low requirements, fast reload time, and high damage. The major downside to the SOP is its accuracy, while normal for pistols, is subpar compared to the Assault Rifles. As such, if you get this weapon, you definitely want to upgrade your accuracy, otherwise even while crawling it will miss consistently at mid or long range, but with upgrades, it can go toe to toe with assault rifles. The 10mm SOP is an excellent gun at low levels, but the total cost can be steep.


Since the 10mm SOP is very inaccurate, it's best to crawl if you have very bad accuracy, or otherwise just crouch if you think you can easily beat your target.

A very good choice for starters, this gun requires only 1 point in strength, allowing you to stack health early and survive long enough to get into the close range situations where this weapon shines, paired with a rocket or a rapid-fire weapon. The 10mm SOP also makes an excellent backup weapon that will put down rushing opponents quickly, and has the second fastest reload time of all pistols, trailing behind the Colt King Cobra's 0.7 second reload time.

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