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This is the second payment option on TDP4, if you want better guns you need to have cash. 

Earning Cash


Cash Icon in-game.

There are 7 ways to legitimately get and earn cash:

  • Earn medals: Bronze 1 Cash TDP4 , Silver 3 Cash TDP4 and Gold 5 Cash TDP4
  • Log in for 5 days in a row
  • Do cash tournaments.
  • Use real money to buy it in the Bank
  • Reports hackers, cheaters, farmers, or vulgar language at the TDP4 Hackers & Cheaters forum.
  • Winning hosted organized tournaments or drastically helping the game by making a new map which gets put in the game. Such as Slaughterhouse (Originally named Training Grounds) made by -R- which was submitted to the forums.
  • Turning the Wheel (Rewards: 3 or 5 cash Cash TDP4).

Cash TDP4 Old TDP4 Cash.


Payment Option

You can pay for cash with SMS,Gate2shop, VISA, or Kreds (Only on Kongregate).

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