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This is the first payment option on TDP4, most weapons require both coins and Cash



There are 6 ways to legitimately get and earn coins:

  • Every kill rewards 1 coin and 1 exp. Consecutive kills (double kills, triple kills...) also gives you bonus coins.
  • Capturing flags in the CTF (Capture the Flag) game mode.
  • Log in every day (note: being on leaders increases the daily bonus to 250 500 or 1000 coins Coins TDP4depending on your exact position.)
  • Do coin tournaments. 
  • Use real money to buy it in the Bank
  • Participating in minor player tournaments, found on the TDP4 forum give coins as part of the winner's reward

Coins TDP4 Old TDP4 Coins.


Payment Option

You can pay money with SMS, Gate2shop, VISA, or Kreds (Only on Kongregate).