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Laser LGM
Laser LGM New
Laser LGM
Energy Gun
Damage 300-350
Per clip 6000-7000
Ammunition 20
Reload time 2.5s
Shot interval 0.2s
Accuracy 60%
Cost to buy Coins 35000 Cash 30
Cost to sell Coins 17500 Cash 15
Need skills
Accuracy 5
Strength 3
Explosions 1

The LGM fires streaks of yellow lasers, each shot relatively high in damage and slightly larger than the regular bullets used in most other guns. The weapon, although having a larger shot interval than other guns, does a fair amount of damage. However it does have a medium-to-small sized clip, and its reload time is only average, being equal to both the PG Mark I and Assassin's reload time. In other words, the LGM is weak in two areas, and strong in two areas as well, balancing them each other out, making it a rather balanced weapon.

Should I Buy This Gun?Edit

Although the LGM proves very effective at eliminating players levels 15-25 and is a great weapon to counter Assassin wielders, its high cash/coin cost and also high stat requirements puts it out of league with the Assassin and other 15-25 level guns: if you find yourself using this weapon while at level 15-25, you either have not put enough skill points into hp/def (in which case you have messed up, big time), or you are a "buyer" (in which case, why not buy yourself a PG Mark I?). In short, it is a mistake to purchase this weapon as 1) it is too expensive for levels 15-25 and 2) it is too underpowered for levels 25+. Players will often purchase this weapon in place of the Laser LGH


Laser LGM Combat

An LGM in continuous fire. The yellow streak in the green crosshair is one of the bullets fired from the LGM. Notice how accurate the LGM fires.

Because the LGM is somewhat accurate and does partially high damage per shot, it is normally used under sniping conditions, in which the user snipes off opponents from long range at the far end of a corner in any map. Sniping of an LGM would confuse the opponent as he/she is unaware where the bullets are spraying from and could be killed easily and quickly (if they have no artifacts).

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