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PPSh.41 New
Sub-Machine Gun
Damage 50-60
Per clip 3550-4260
Ammunition 71
Reload time 3.5s
Shot interval 0.15s
Accuracy 52%
Cost to buy Coins 6000 Cash 7
Cost to sell Coins 3000 Cash 3
Need skills
Accuracy 1
Strength 2
Explosions 0

Description Edit

The PPSh-41 is a time limited sub-machine gun. This weapon is basically a hybrid version of the Calico M960 and the Skorpion vz. 61.

The reload time is only half a second longer than the Skorpion, and the ammo count is 21 higher than that of the Calico, however the Skorpion costs less coins and no cash, and the Calico, while less damaging, costs even less than the Skorpion and has an even shorter reload compared to this gun, so it is better to get one of those if you are not getting this weapon for fun, as the reason for going shotgun or Calico/Skorpion over MP5 is to save coins and cash for later weapons.


  1. Camping. As this is a Skorpion/Calico hybrid, this gun possesses the Calico's excellent low-level camping ability.
  2. This gun can be used for "Running and Gunning" as the decent damage and large amount of ammo allows for many kills in-between reloads.
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