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Poll time!
Where do you play TDP4?

The poll was created at 00:23 on November 4, 2014, and so far 84 people voted.

Welcome to the TDP4 Wiki! NHMQ88A

 Anything that is added that is false will be removed; if you add, back it up. Please do not make any unnecessary changes to the wiki. To avoid adding incorrect edits, please read and observe the Rules & Guidelines. If anyone is caught vandalizing, they will be immediately banned. 


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Basics Guns Coins Medals Weapon Type Redirectory Rooms
Getting Started Items Cash Maps In-game Jargon Tournaments
Battlezone Artifacts Bank Skills Wiki Rules Clan Wars
Profile Bank/SMS Levels Jackpot Single Player
In-Game Rules Leaders Skins

TDP4 Team Battle is a real-time multiplayer 2D shooter game with MMORPG elements. The bloody battle for survival among 3 races. There are various types of matches, locations, and types of guns. There is also a Clan and Tournament system implemented.

  • The Polish site is NK
  • There is also a separate version on Facebook
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