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Thunderbringer New
Elemental Weapon
Damage 850-1000
Per clip 5950-7000
Ammunition 7
Reload time 2s
Shot interval 0.3s
Accuracy 60%
Cost to buy Coins 60000 Cash 100
Cost to sell Coins 30000 Cash 50
Need skills
Accuracy 5
Strength 7
Explosions 4

Thunderbringer is an Elemental weapon, It has a larger clip size and faster reload time than the M202A2, albeit a slower rate of fire, and a slight difference in damage.

Should I Buy This Gun?

Whilst the Thunderbringer has a much bigger clip size than its rival the M202A2 , it suffers from a much slower fire rate and slightly lower damage. However, slower rate of fire has some advantages, as it allows more precise shots at moving targets. The primary use of the larger clip size is "spamming"; whereas someone with an M202 necessarily has to get closer to the target to unleash his payload of rockets accurately (or else be rendered defenseless while reloading), someone with the Thunderbringer does not have to worry about having to hit his opponent with every shot and chewing through his ammunition almost instantaneously.

A small downside to having a Thunderbringer rather than an M202 is that one will not be able to cause as much damage to an opponent while below him: whereas the M202 unleashes all 4 rockets almost at once, the Thunderbringer gives the opponent a chance to jump into the air for all 7 shots, thereby causing the enemy to take only a minimal amount of splash damage. Close quarters combat with the weapon is also not advised; when facing an enemy with a non-explosive weapon such as a PG Mark I  or Gauss Rifle , the weapon's slow rate of fire hinders it's close quarters capabilities.

To summarize, even though its advantages have brought it to be one of the top tier of all weapons of tdp4:

  1. Big clip size
  2. Explosive (splash damage)
  3. Moderate fire rate (more accurate)
  4. Moderate reload time
  5. Ammos (highest of all explosive)
  6. Damage
  7. Cool effect (hey, electric orbs, that's pretty cool)

Its weaknesses, have reduced it from the best-of-the-best tier and labeled it a spam weapon:

  1. Moderate fire rate (not able to make instant "killer move" like M202A2)
  2. Damage (PG Mark or M202A2 would do much more damage)
  3. Explosive (usually require back-up weapons)
  4. Big clip size (can show where you are to your enemies)
  5. Noises
  6. Lags (sometimes)

Therefore, purchase the Thunderbringer if you prefer "spamming" the enemy horizon with vast orbs of electricity versus fighting your enemy head on. This gun has the disadvantage of a larger price than most rival explosive weapons. I would advise you to get a backup weapon like PG Mark, Barret, or Gauss Rifle; it would be much more effective with those weapons.

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