These are the rules of the TDP4 Wikia, all rules are subject to editing, deletion or addition at administrator discretion.

General Rules

  • Do not vandalize anything on the Wiki - articles, profiles, or otherwise. Vandalism results in an instant 200-year ban.
  • Do not edit other members' profiles.
  • Do not harass other members.
  • Do not spam. Spam will result in a 3-day ban. Spam includes posting random, off-topic, unnecessary things to articles in the comments. These will be removed.
  • Making frivolous, asinine edits to articles for the sake of gaining badges will result in a 1-day ban per frivolous edit.

Editing Rules and Guidelines

  • Be sure to thoroughly read an article before you edit it. The information you are about to add may already be there.
  • Be sure that an article remains objective when editing. For example, use "the player" rather than "you."
  • Do not add personal theories or rumors to individual articles, unless you have been given permission by an administrator or the founder. The information in the articles must be canonical.
  • Do your best to have proper grammar and spelling when editing articles.
  • Necessary articles that are missing (New weapons at present) may be added without admin permisson, adding any other pages without admin permission is disallowed, requests for permission to add a page specific to a clan or player to the wiki will be denied immediately.
  • Do not add duplicate files to the articles.
  • Do not upload duplicate files. Check through all the photos to make sure it's there first.
  • Do not change the genders and/or pronouns of any of the characters.
  • Do not mention any staff member, YouTuber, etc. by name in the articles.
  • Feel free to add new categories to aid in finding and sorting, however, you should exercise caution in what you add, if an added category is judged sufficiently inappropriate its adding may result in a punishment, unused categories will be purged every month on the first of the month.
  • Do use US spelling when editing articles.
  • An admin's word on an edit is final. Any attempts to disobey this rule will result in a 24-hour ban. Further attempts will result in longer bans, including a permanent ban if it is deemed necessary.

Forum Rules and Guidelines

  • Do not spam.
  • Do not harass other users. This includes baiting and flaming. Offending posts and replies to offending posts will be removed. Warnings and bans will be issued as necessary.
  • If you are role playing, please have some common courtesy.